Products for microbiology

MicrobiologyGrowth Media Suppliments and reagents for Microbioly and Molecular Biology. AGTC Bioproducts  are suppliers of world-class, premium quality Culture Media for Microbiology and Molecular Biology including a comprehensive range of ingredients for use in research and testing: Agars, Peptones, Supplements and Additives.We are also authorised by CondaLab to supply their full range of anti-microbial disks impregnated with antibiotics for susceptibility and breakpoint testing by disc diffusion.

  1. Anti-microbial Susceptibility Discs
  2. Agar, Peptones and Ingredients
  3. Supplements – Additives
  4. Culture Media prepared in Tubes
  5. Culture Media Prepared in Flask’s
  6. Dehydrated Culture Media
  7. Reagents for Bacterial Identification

Other Products:

Nanaomycin A
S63845 MCL 1 inhibitor
Urocortin 3 PaB
Polystreptavidin R, 5mg
EnzyLight™ ATP Assay Kit 100
EZ-PRRSV MPX 4.0 Master Mix and Enzyme
EZ-PRRSV MPX 4.0 Control Set
H520 (NCI-H520 cells)
Mouse anti-ZBT32 Recombinant
Biotechnological products