Molecular and Cellular biology

We are pleased to be able to announce our partnership with  TransBionovo Co., Ltd.

TransBionovo Co., Ltd. is a researcher, developer, manufacturer, and distributor of more than 200 molecular and cellular biology products and kits for life science research and molecular diagnostics. In 2001, the company was founded by three scientists with a mission to produce innovative and cost-effective products for life science research. 

With extensive R&D experience and state-of-the-art facilities we are able to keep generating the most innovative and the highest quality products. In 2006,  2009 and 2012, we were  consecutively honoured as one of the best  “High Tech Corporations in Beijing”. In 2015, we achieved ISO9000 and ISO13485 Accredited Certifications.

Currently, our products cover: 5 minutes fast restriction enzymes,  plasmid-based DNA markers, high-efficiency chemically competent cells, 5 minutes PCR product cloning and expression vectors, a variety of PCR enzymes and supermix, RNase H-deficient and high temperature RT enzymes, qPCR and qRT-PCR supermix, the highest efficiency mutagenesis kits, high quality nucleic acid extraction and purification kits, unstained and pre-stained protein markers, western blot markers, and protein purification resins, cell culture and transfection reagents, antibodies. 

We are looking forward to partner with you in your quest for groundbreaking life science discovery.


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